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Over $1,000 Raised for Conservation

Since our inception a little over 3 months ago, it really has been a crazy time for us!

In that time we've already sold over 200 pairs of sunnies, have made it to every single state and territory in Australia, and we've even made it as far as the UK, the US, and New Zealand!

For us though, our biggest accomplishment has been the fact that we have already raised over $1,000 for conservation efforts.  When we started Koalaty, the goal was to help create a little bit of difference and to bring about some positive change. With every pair we sell, we really are able to create more and more change.

We honestly never expected Koalaty to grow like it has, so we are truly thankful to everyone who has purchased a pair of Koalaty sunnies! We are just two mates from Sydney, Australia trying to give it a crack, so we do appreciate all the support we have received.

With so much more to come, be sure to keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram accounts!

Koala Edition

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Bee Edition: Buzzing With Excitement

We are super stoked to announce the release of our third ever edition - the Bee Edition! Teaming up with Save the Bees Australia, 10% from every pair sold will go towards the protection and preservation of our Bee population!

Bee Edition

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Reef Edition: New Design, Same Koalaty

After selling over 100 pairs of our Koala Edition, we thought it was about time to introduce something new. With 10% from every pair going towards the Great Barrier Reef, every pair sold helps make a difference.

Say hello to our 'Reef Edition'

Reef Edition

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Our Story

How good are a quality pair of sunglasses? Like, we really believe that there is no better feeling than finding that perfect pair.

How annoying is it though when all of those ‘amazing brands’ seem to charge over $150 for their sunglasses? We hate that feeling, and that’s why we decided to go out and create something new, unique, and just better all round.

We thought about creating some plastic sunglasses, but plastic is so outdated now. Instead, we’ve chosen to use bamboo. Unlike plastic, bamboo is far more eco-friendly, so it makes us feel all warm and nice inside whenever we put our sunnies on.

 So, eco-friendly sunglasses made out of bamboo – they sound like they’d be super expensive hey? Well, because we hate the idea of spending over $150 on some glasses, we decided to charge only $50 per pair.

We know, that’s crazy.

Not only that, 10% from every pair sold will be going towards a conservation fund.


Designed in Australia

Made to Change the World

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