Meet the First Ever Sunglasses Designed For Adventure
Save 10% when you purchase two or more pairs!


All pairs made with FSC/ BSCI approved sources of bamboo


Up to 30% lighter than your typical plastic pair


Bamboo has an extremely high strength-to-weight ratio making our frames durable


Each pair comes with it's own unique wood patterns and grains


$5 from every pair sold goes towards AU/ NZ Conservation Efforts

Aussie Owned

All pairs are designed and shipped from our Sydney base

The Perfect Travel Companion

Here at Koalaty, all of our sunglasses are designed with the Great Outdoors and Adventures in mind.

Made from eco-friendly sources of bamboo, our sunglasses are designed to be as light, durable, and sustainable as possible.

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Don't just take our word for it...

Love them!

"Love my Koala sunnies, light and comfy. I hope if I keep them in that amazing case they will last me a lot longer than previous pairs."

— Cheryl

So durable!

"Love these sunglasses. I bought the Koala edition and it is so light and comfy to wear. It was also (accidentally) put in the washer but it came out unscathed. They are so light and durable."

— Meyke

Amazing product!

"The glasses are very light, fantastic lenses and the bamboo arms are 100% more environmentally friendly than conventional plastic. Best of all supporting charities working for our koalas. Love the name and look forward to the next edition!"

— Mayor of Campbelltown George Brticevic

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