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Koalaty Sunglasses was founded in 2019 by Scott Hamilton and Ryan McMartin, with the goal of creating eco-friendly sunglasses that are inspired by, and help save, the great outdoors.

Since the beginning, Koalaty has partnered with conservation organisations around Australia and New Zealand, with the aim to raise us much money as possible to protect our local landscapes.

Our Values


Sustainability is a key core value for us here at Koalaty. Unlike plastic sunglasses that are made using crude oil, we only use FSC and BSCI approved sources of bamboo in the construction of our glasses. As lovers of the great outdoors, we want to ensure that our products are having a positive impact on the wider world around us.


From the get-go, our designs have been inspired by the Great Outdoors! We are super passionate about this, and are constantly striving to introduce new and exciting Editions to our range. Our founders, Scott and Ryan, are behind every single design, and are constantly working hard to create more and more unique Editions.


Our partnership relationships are extremely important to the team at Koalaty. Our mission is to help create change, and to help protect and preserve natural environments around Australia and New Zealand that make the Great Outdoors so great! We are extremely grateful to our current partners, and are proud to be able to donate to them in order to allow them to do their amazing work.

Customer Relationship

Without our amazing customers, there is no Koalaty. Whilst we want to help make a difference when it comes to conservation, we also want to provide a pair of sunglasses that are head-and-shoulders above the rest! Made from bamboo, our sunnies are designed to be as light, durable, comfortable, and sustainable as possible. We strive to provide a product that you'll be proud of, and look to create a customer experience that leaves you satisfied and happy!


Meet the Founders

Ryan McMartin

Back in 2019 whilst on the hunt for a new pair of sunglasses, Ryan was surprised to discover that most plastic sunglasses actually require crude oil in their construction. Rather than purchase another plastic pair, Ryan decided to go on the hunt for "eco-friendly" sunglasses.

After looking around for a couple of weeks, the idea of creating his own eco-friendly brand began to formulate. Inspired by the great outdoors, Ryan wanted to create a brand that helped protect and preserve the world around us. As the idea began to grow, he quickly realised he needed to bring a second pair of hands on board. Thankfully he had a friend in mind.

Scott Hamilton

With a background in graphic design, Scott is the man behind every design you see on a pair of Koalaty sunglasses. After hearing Ryan's business pitch in the McDonalds across the road from the worksite, Scott was immediately on board. With a few concepts in mind, Scott began work on the first ever pair of Koalaty sunglasses - the Koala Edition.

Scott's work is meticulous, and every design is hand-drawn and perfected over many hours. Scott is particularly proud of the work Koalaty do with Conservation Organisations, and is always looking to be as proactive as possible when it comes to working with our partners.

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