Our Story

Eco-friendly sunnies, made out of bamboo, with 10% going towards conservation, for only 50 bucks? Yep, you better believe it!
When our founders, Scott and Ryan, started Koalaty in 2019, their goal was simple - they wanted to provide the most comfortable and unique sunglasses, at a price that seemed too good to be true! Not only that, they wanted to create something that had some real meaning and purpose - they wanted them to help make the world a better place!
So, how did they do that?
Well, after looking at a variety of different designs and materials, they eventually decided that some eco-friendly bamboo sunnies were the way to go. You see, bamboo sunnies are up to 33% lighter than your traditional plastic pair, making them much more comfortable to wear all day long! By being eco-friendly, bamboo sunnies also aligned with Koalaty's core values and goals, making them the perfect option for us!
After agreeing on how they were going to make them, they then needed to figure out how they were going to help make the world a better place. Since the beginning, Scott and Ryan have been dedicated to the idea of donating 10% from each pair sold to a conservation fund related to each design.
Starting off with the Koala Edition, 10% from each pair sold was donated to our first ever partner - the Australian Koala Foundation! The launch of our Reef Edition also saw us team up with the Great Barrier Reef Legacy, with 10% from every pair going towards this amazing charity!
Since launching last year, Koalaty has already managed to raise and donate over $1,200 for conservation efforts! Not only that, we’ve also managed to sell over 250 pairs across the whole of Australia, the US, UK, and New Zealand!
With two new designs on the way, Koalaty really is becoming one of the fastest growing sunnies brands in Australia!


Designed in Australia

Made to Change the World

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