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Why buy bamboo sunglasses?

All Koalaty sunglasses are natural and eco-friendly, meaning they are far better for the environment. Whilst plastic sunglasses can take upwards of 450 years to decompose, wooden ones will break down naturally in compost.

10% from every pair sold also goes towards conservation efforts, so you’ll be able to look good and feel better!

How strong are bamboo sunglasses?

We honestly believe that bamboo sunglasses are as strong as plastic ones, however all sunglasses are delicate. Each pair does come with an engraved wood hard case to protect them, and our spring hinges are designed to help add rigidity to the glasses.

Are bamboo sunglasses heavy?

Believe it or not, bamboo sunglasses are roughly 33% lighter than your standard plastic pair. We know that’s a bit of an odd number, but you’ll be able to see what we mean when you get your pair!

How do I take care of bamboo sunglasses?

We recommend using a microfibre cleaning cloth to maintain your glasses. This can be used to remove any oil and dust contaminants from the wood and lenses. Whilst they can be exposed to water, we recommend minimising any contact with water, and carefully drying them after exposure.

Will a panda try and eat my bamboo sunglasses or wear them?

We still are trying to figure this out ourselves. So far we believe that if it is presented with two pairs, it will eat one whilst wearing the other.

Can I buy frames without lenses?

Unfortunately not at the moment, but we are working on it!

What warranty covers my purchase?

We offer a 30 day warranty from the date of your purchase. The warranty covers any manufacturing defects, and is valid only with proof. The warranty does NOT cover direct or indirect misuse or abuse. Koalaty reserve the right to decide whether the product is covered under the warranty terms.

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